Let's Craft

Oh Thursday.  Here we are.  One day closer to the weekend!!  And a good weekend at that.  Brian and I are both off, and Sunday is Easter =)  I also think we are going to my parents house on Saturday for my cousins birthday party.  They are home visiting from Chicago and it's been a while since we have seen them.  It's fun to get together with them when they come home!

Most evenings when I get home from work all I want to do is, nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  But most evenings I try to do something with the girls.  And last night we did some small crafts.

Emma loves to paint.  And I feel like I don't let her do it that often.  Usually I say no because of the mess.  But sometimes you just gotta give in.  So I got all her stuff out before I started cooking dinner, and let her do her thing.

It looks like she is *really* concentrating pretty hard here =)

She painted a wooden cupcake for her teacher.  I think she did pretty good on it!  And because painting wasn't enough, I decided to make little crayons with her.  I forgot how tedious it is to unwrap crayons.  They certainly didn't unwrap well.  Haha But we got them done!

Emma thought they were pretty cool, and since Alyx LOVES to color, these are perfect for her little hands!  

And I can't end this without our countdown picture....

And with snow coming AGAIN this weekend, these next 16 days cannot go by fast enough!! =)

Happy Thursday everyone!! 


  1. You are a fun momma! And only 16 days until your vacation?? WOO HOO!

  2. Her cupcake is so cute, she did a great job! So exciting that you are only a little over 2 weeks away from your Disney trip!

  3. I *wish* Marcus wanted to paint more. It takes me longer to get everything out and set up than it does for him to paint. He's usually just does a few strokes and thn his over it. Ugh!
    Emma's cupcake thru end out awesome, I love it! And those crayons are great. I might have to try making some of those and hope maybe they'll make Marcus want to color a little longer than 5 whole seconds. :)

  4. Emma's cupcake is so awesome!! She did great! Also those little crayons look super fun! I might have to try that - we have plenty of broken crayons!