Thursday Randoms

Field Hockey has come to an end.  Emma is sooo sad about this.  As much as she really disliked it in the beginning, she ended up absolutely loving it!  They did tell us at the end of this last game that they are thinking about doing an indoor field hockey camp this winter.  Keeping our fingers crossed that they do!  

The 2 Emma's!  They finally got their shirts for their last game.  They are so cute, they say Old Town Recreation Field Hockey - Chicks with Sticks! =)

Alyx was very excited about picking Emma up from school the other day as you can see =)  She is too funny!!

I took Miss Alyx to get some new boots the other day...and they stay on her feet!  LOL  And the headband didn't stay too long...that was quickly taken off when she realized it was actually on her head =)

Alyx loves to sit with Emma and watch Elmo =)

This morning I had to switch my hours at work so I was actually home to get the girls ready for the day.  I woke them both up at 5:55, and they were both super sleepy, but in great moods!  They sat in the living room for about 20 mins while I showered and got ready, and watched cartoons.  These 2 girls are the sweetest little girls ever.  And they have such a love for each other.

It's funny now because if Alyx falls, or something happens and she is crying a lot of times she will hold her arms out to Emma if Brian and I aren't right near by.  She sure does love her sister!! =)

Tonight i'm not out of work until 6pm...blah.  But one more day and then we're off for the weekend!! 


  1. They are both too sweet!! And Hailey is not loving bows or headbands right now either. She usually rips them off too.

  2. How awesome that Emma ended up loving field hockey so much! That's great!
    And, those boots of Alyx's - holy cute.