It's FRIDAY!!  And Brian and I are both off for the weekend! Woohoo!  =)  I'm not really sure we have any plans other than a little outdoor yard work.  But that is perfectly fine in my opinion.  Sometimes it's nice to just stay home and do nothing.  

Yesterday Emma had her yearly eye appointment.  She is supposed to have one once a year since she was a preemie.  She loves the eye doctor.  And our eye doctor is the best!  And it's kind of a funny story because he was my eye doctor growing up and he actually moved his office to where we are living now.  So I love that we have the same doc, he's awesome.

Alyx lovessss to snuggle with Emma.  Her appointment went great as usual, and her eyesight is still great!!

Alyx has a new love of the dishwasher.  She will stand there and try to take everything out.  Well she has finally learned how to get the plastic stuff out.  So that's our favorite thing to do now.

And we think it's pretty cool to throw the plastic plates around on the floor and drink from the plastic cups.  But at least they were clean dishes!  

Emma insisted on Mac & Cheese for dinner last night.  I complied, because hey it was super easy.  And second, it was a long day at work and after getting up at 3:30 I was exhausted!  

The consensus on the Mac & Cheese with Alyx?  As you can see she loved it as she is shoveling it into her mouth.  This kid loves food.  LOL 

And don't you guys miss TGIF on Friday nights on ABC???  I sooo wish they were still on.  I just know that Emma would love these shows.  She watches Full House on Nick at Nite, but I know she would love the shows Step by Step, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Family Matters.  I know some of these are still on as re-runs on other channels, but how cool would it be to have TGIF come back on Friday nights?!?!  Maybe one day.  Happy Friday all!


  1. We could sure use a weekend to just stay home and chill. How nice! Yes, happy Friday.

  2. I so wish TGIF was on!!!! I forgot about that, and that just brought back a flood of memories! My girls just watched full house for the first time the other night and loved it. We had mac & cheese last night too! However, I am bummed that Leland doesn't like it. It's such an easy meal when you need something quick. I need to be asking my doctor if Leland should be getting eye exams once a year. He has not had those done yet, and with him being a preemie and now having diabetes which can affect eyesight, I really need to look into that.

  3. Yay for no weekend plans! Oh dishwasher play - I still remember the first time Callie did that - it was so fun! Now it takes a lot more direction to keep things safe!

  4. I LOVED TGIF on ABC. I couldn't wait for those shows every week!
    Marcus still loves to play with the dishwasher. I'm hoping one of these days that obsession will come in handy and I can put him to work!