I love photography.  I love pictures.  Like, a lot.  I have thousands upon thousands of photos of the girls.  I also have a really nice camera that I really haven't been using to the fullest.  Whenever I would pick up my camera I would just automatically keep it on "Automatic".  As of recent i've started using manual mode.  And why in the world am I just now learning this?!? Haha  Tonight I took the girls to the playground and took a few pictures.  They aren't awesome by any means, but I think they are better than I have done in the past!
Oh!!  And before I forget!  Emma lost one of her front top tooth's today!  She looks pretty cute I think!!
My toothless little girl!!!

Everytime I pointed the camera towards Alyx tonight...she would turn her head!  haha  But I got this picture and I LOVE it!!!
I love these two girls and they have a love for each other like I never imagined. 

So learning to take photos in Manual mode is fun...but yes it can be frustrating to me at times.  I owe a lot of thanks to Shawna from Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, because I have asked for her help several times now, and she's always given me advice.  So thank you Shawna!!!!