Friday Evening - The Park =)

Summer isn't even over yet and I am already missing it!  We have one week left of summer vacation and then it's back to school for Emma.  She is super excited so that makes it a lot easier.  One thing I am going to miss when the weather gets colder?  The park.  We have gone to the park just about every single night this summer.  We have fun.  We swing.  We play.  And I take lots of pictures to remember it all.  And i'm having a lot of fun playing around with my camera in manual mode!!

Alyx could swing ALL DAY!!  She loves it, and she laughs so hard!  

Emma is always running around so it's hard to get pictures of just her since I can't just leave the baby by herself and all.  But tonight my MIL came with us so I was able to hang out with just Em and play for a bit.  

I still need to practice a lot with my camera, but I think i'm doing better??  

So that's how we spent our Friday evening, hanging out at the park.  What did you all do?? =)