Our Weekend

Oh weekend.  Why did you have to leave us so soon??  We had an *awesome* weekend!!  The weather was absolutely perfect! 

Saturday morning I packed the girls up and we went to visit Alyx's godmother Tia at the hosptial.  She had a pretty in depth surgery on Friday.  So we brought her some flowers and a bag of magazines and candy for her.  And of course Emma made her a card.  Tia is doing ok, but she's got a long recovery ahead of her.

We took a couple of pictures before heading into the hospital so Tia could have a couple of new pics of the girls to look at =)
After leaving there we went to check out a couple of yardsales, didn't find anything good at all.  And then we headed to my parents house for the weekend.  And I tell you what...i'm loving the van!  We had so much room it was crazy.  And we even brought the dog with us =)
Gunner is so in love with Emma.  He would have sat in her lap the way up there if we had let him!
After getting to my parents Brian and I took the dog and went for a ride.  I love the area around where I grew up. 

Emma went with my dad to visit someone at the nursing home, and my mom took Alyx on a walk.  Then we all met at my aunts house for a BBQ.  It was nice for Emma to see her cousins and play with them for the evening.
And as soon as we got back to my parents Emma wanted to go swimming.  The pool was freezing, but the air temp was hot!  So of course I let her.

And as soon as she got up Sunday morning, right back in the pool she went!
And Alyx woke up smiley and happy!
We headed back home around noon and got stuff to BBQ.  While Emma was outside playing with friends she somehow stepped in a nest of mosquitos.  She came home crying hysterically and after getting her into the bathroom I could see why.  And she also kept telling me she had a mosquito in her ear.  I got the mosquito out of her ear, but she was still miserable. 
The Benadryl works awesome, and took the itchiness away.  I felt sooo bad for her.
We ended the night with an awesome BBQ.  Steak, Potatoes and corn on the cob.  I love love love summer nights =)
 And a happy baby too of course!!
 I'm hoping we have many more good weekends like this one was!!


  1. love that cute smiley photo of Alyx so cute in pastels! Emma's dress at the hospital is totes adorable! What a busy but fun weekend. Except the mosquitos - ouch!

  2. What a perfect weekend. And the views around your parents house are absolutely STUNNING!!

  3. What a sweet picture of Gunner kissing Emma!

  4. Ouchie about the bug bites!!!!