Oh Sickness...GO AWAY!

It honestly seems like my girls just cannot catch a break!  They both have had colds for just about a week now.  It started with fevers for both of them, and then the coughing, sneezing, runny nose and itchy watery eyes.  After I picked them both up from daycare yesterday Emma told me that her left ear was hurting really bad.  I asked her if she thought she could wait until the next day to see the doctor and she started to cry and said no.  So off to walk in care we went. 
They checked Emma's ears and sure enough her left ear was infected.  And then I asked them to check Alyx's ears.  Andddd sure enough, she had an ear infection in her right ear. 
I feel so bad for them.  I'm hoping that the antibiotics kick in quickly and they both start feeling better.
After leaving the grocery store to pick up their meds I looked in my rear view mirror to find both of them sound asleep in the van, and holding hands.
They seriously love each other so much <3
So now i'll back up to earlier in the day.  Emma is now going to daycare twice a week with Alyx.  She's never been to a daycare ever.  The lady that watches Alyx is truly amazing.  It was the best decision Brian and I ever made by switching daycares.  Since it is summer vacation, Tonya, the daycare lady offered to take Emma as well on the same days that Alyx goes.  And Tonya has a daughter named Emma as well.  And both Emma's are the same age =)  She has a pretty awesome schedule for the kids.  Yesterday they played outside on their bikes, painted flower pots and planted flowers in them.  Made cards for hospitalized children.  Rode their bikes and just had a blast all together!  The 2 Emma's got along great!  Tonya sent me this picture of them...and they were both dressed identical!!
I am certain that Emma is going to have a ton of fun this summer!!
And it's Friday and i'm off for the weekend!  Woohoo!  And bonus the weather is suppose to be beautiful!!!  Happy Friday!


  1. Another Tonya/Emma set!!! What a great group they must be!! LOL
    Seriously, I hope the girls start feeling better!

    1. You know, I never even gave it a thought until I was typing Tonya/Emma and I had to laugh! Isn't that a riot!!

  2. Hope the kiddos get well soon. It's never fun being sick but its even less fun being sick when its so nice out!

  3. Your poor girlies! I love that they fell asleep holding hands... Precious!

  4. Poor kiddos! Sure hope they get to feeling better soon.
    Your daycare sounds amazing - so much fun stuff for the kids!