What's New

So let's see.  What's new around here that I can share!  We haven't really been up to much lately.  I'm still doing the whole going to the doctors office everyday.  Although I did not have to go today!  But I go back again tomorrow morning.  Things are looking...ummm well better.  But still not 100%.  The Doc thinks that the antibiotics are working, thankfully!!!  But they are still getting fluid out of me at every visit.  It's so extremely frustrating, but i'm thankful that my doctor is awesome.  Have I mentioned that before? haha  So we'll see how tomorrow goes!

We took Emma to see the new Disney movie Frozen last night!  I have said this on Facebook and Instagram, but seriously the BEST Disney movie EVER!!  Even Brian agreed.  And yes, of course Emma loved it too!  The characters are the best, and the snowman, Olaf....LOVE him!  He's so adorable and funny.  If you haven't taken your kids to see it...DO IT!! =)  I'm not sure if any of your JcPenney's has the new Disney section in it or not, but ours does and they have a ton of Frozen stuff.  We went today and I got Emma a pair of pj's for Christmas.

We took a few pictures tonight of Emma & Alyx.  Although Alyx wasn't having it at all.  They still came out cute I think =)

I love these 2 girls more than anything! =)

I finally got our Christmas cards ordered the other day, and I am sooo excited to get them in the mail.  I was super picky this year with them, I wanted just the one, and I finally found it =)

We also started the Elf on the Shelf again this year.  Our Elf...Patch was in our fridge eating some pie.  When Emma opened the fridge, she screamed bloody murder and started crying hysterically.  She then said she didn't want her Elf anymore.  However, she has since decided that she misses Patch, and she is afraid that he had gone to another little girls house.  So after 2 letters to Patch, he came back =)  I'll post some pictures later of the funny things he has done so far =)  


  1. These pictures of the two girls are super adorable! Sorry to hear you are still having to go to the dr. daily. :(

    We really want to go see Frozen!

  2. haha...too funny about the elf! My girls love our elf, but they freak out if she holds any of their stuff hostage. If she "plays" with their barbies for instance they will not wait until the next day to get them...I have to immediately remove them without touching the elf lol

  3. Haha, that's hilarious about Patch!