Going On's =)

I really thought after having the baby I would blog a lot more.  Ha!  That's not happening, she takes up quite a bit of my time =)  I wouldn't have it any other way though!

So let me catch you all up on our "going" ons around here.  Friday night my mother in law took Alyx overnight at her house so that I could have an evening with just Emma...and get caught up on some sleep!  She's amazing, and it helps that they live pretty much across the street from us.  And Alyx was good for her!!  Emma and I went out for supper, and then to the store to get some new cookie cutters, some ornaments to paint, and some elastics because she wanted to make those elastic bracelets that are the big thing right now.  We came home and made Christmas sugar cookies.  I was going to make them homemade, but ended up getting the Betty Crocker mix, and I have to say they were really good!!

We had a really good night just the 2 of us =)  Saturday we basically just hung out during the day, and then Saturday night we went around and looked at Christmas lights.  One of my very favorite things to do this time of the year!  And, Saturday night Alyx slept from 8pm until 6:20 am!!!  She didn't wake up once!  

Sunday Brian and I went and did some Christmas shopping.  I think Emma is going to have a very good Christmas this year!!  We haven't really got much yet for Alyx, but really what do you get a 1 month old?? haha

Yesterday we brought Alyx back to the doctor, this was for her 1 month well child check.  She is growing!  She currently weighs 7 pounds 14 ounces.  We still aren't sure if she is having reflux issues or if it's colic.  Her pediatrician suggested we try some gas drops, and put a little bit of rice cereal into her formula.  Yesterday was the first day with trying both of these, and it really seemed to help yesterday.  We'll see how today goes now!

I also went back to the doctor yesterday.  I know you are all probably tired of hearing about me and the doctor! haha  He says i'm looking better, but still not 100%.  I go back again tomorrow.  Sooo ready for this to be over.  But i'm going to miss all the girls at the office and seeing them everyday!  Haha =)  

We also got our house all decorated outside with lights this past week.  It's really pretty and i'll have to try and get a picture of it at night =)  I'm going to brave heading out and go shopping today with the baby.  Wish me luck that it goes well!! hehe =)   


  1. glad you are starting to get back to normal, that has been a big deal!

  2. How fun that you had a day with just Emma! I bet she loved and appreciated that! How has she been adjusting to not being the only child anymore?

    We always bake Christmas cookies too, from scratch, but this year I may go with your idea on getting the mix! Seems much easier right about now! :-)