Strawberry Pickin'

First of all, thank you to everyone who commented on my last post!  We are all still beyond excited we are having another girl =) 

Back to this past weekend.  Saturday was spent shopping with my mom.  Emma got completely spoiled by her as always.  A new pool for our backyard and a sprinkler.  And then my mom treated me to an amazing lunch of a lobster roll at a local restaurant.  =)  Saturday night was spent inside watching a movie and enjoying take out chinese for supper. 

Sunday we got up and went Strawberry picking!  I have been wanting to go, and was so glad we were able to go!  We got to the Strawberry Farm around 11, and we spent about an hour or so there. 

Emma was quite the strawberry picker!!  I think she picked 3 or 4 full quarts of berries herself.

We ended up with 20 quarts of Strawberries!  We went right to the grocery store after so I could get all the stuff we needed to make jam with the berries.

This was the Strawberry Rhubarb jam in the making =)

We ended up with 32 jars of Straberry Rhubarb jam and Strawberry jam when we were all done!  I have never made jam before, and it was a success!  It was definately time consuming, but not as difficult as I had imagined it would be.  And we still had a TON of berries leftover even with making all that jam.  I'm not sure what else we will do with the berries.  So if you have some really good strawberry recipes...pass them along to me =) 

Berry picking was definately a success! =)


  1. Yum...nothing better than strawberry/rhubarb jam. What fun you had.

  2. All those berries! YUM!!
    If you like rhubarb (which it seems you do), strawberry rhubarb pies and bars are some of my favorite summer treats! Strawberries slice up and topping ice cream is always delish, and angle food cake and strawberries is simple but soooo good.