Lazy Few Days

We haven't been very productive the last few all! The weather this week has been ok.  However, i'm back at work for the next 3 nights, and the weather today and the rest of the week is going to be beautiful!  I'm really more than ready for it to feel like summer!  And stay summer for a while =)

Saturday started out by brining Emma 1/2 way to meet my mom.  They were taking her for the weekend since Brian and I were both working.  She insisted on bringing her bike and everything else that would fit in the car! hehe =)

We had lunch with my mom and then I had to say goodbye to Emma for the weekend.  Poor Em, she cried and cried =(  I felt so bad leaving her, but I knew she was going to have a blast with my parents.  They kept her busy!  Lots of trips to the park, and they have a new walking/bike path that they took her on and she biked a 1 mile and 6/10 tenths! 

Monday morning Brian and I got up and headed to my parents for the day/night.  Emma was very glad to see us both!  My mom took me and Emma out for supper since my dad and Brian were both working together at the police department.  And I have been craving steamed clams sooo bad, so I broke down finally and ordered them!!

After dinner, we had a little accident at my parents house.  Emma fell down a couple of outdoor cememt steps and cut up her leg pretty darn bad.  There were lots of tears and crying, but she's fine.  Nothing a little bandaid couldn't fix.

Tuesday we were up bright and early and headed back home.  Emma had gymnastics yesterday afternoon.  She loves her private lessons with her coach.  She's such a great coach for Emma.  She definately pushes Emma to do her very best!

After gymnastics we went grocery shopping and then headed home and cooked a really yummy dinner!  I made a roasted chicken, baked potato salad, and fresh brocolli!  My mother in law brought a whoopie pie cake to us for desert!  Sooo good!

In other news...

I'm 18 weeks and 3 days =)  We go to the doctor on the 24th, this Monday, for another checkup and to find out if Baby Sirois is a boy or girl!!  My instinct is that it's a boy.  I have had a few dreams, and in every dream it's a boy!  Either way, boy or girl, as long as it's healthy we'll be happy =) 


  1. We've had a lazy week around here too.
    Can't wait to hear what your having, I'm gonna guess BOY

  2. I can't wait to hear what baby s is!!

  3. Bet she did have a good time at your parents...we grands tend to spoil a little! lol Do you have names picked out yet for the new arrival?

  4. I can't believe you are already that far along! Sending lots of girl vibes your way! :-) Ya know, since I have such a major stake in your pregnancy and all hehe

  5. I had dreams RIGHT before I found out we were pregnant that I was expecting a baby boy.
    Can't wait to hear if Baby S is a boy or girl!!

  6. Ooooh, I'm excited to hear if the baby is a boy or girl! And you're due on my birthday :-)

  7. I can not wait to hear about the appointment Monday! Yay!

    Glad Emma ended up enjoying her time with her grandma & grandpa. That's definitely hard to leave them when they are crying, but they usually do okay when we are gone.

  8. My vote is boy! :o) can't wait to hear the news! How exciting!

  9. Almost half-way there!! Emma looks like she is doing amazing at gymnastics! I just signed my Emma back up in gymnastics! She is NOT quite that good yet! lol!