I <heart> Fridays =)  Fridays that i'm off from work anyway.  I have had the last 3 days off, and they've been GREAT days =)  We had a great Halloween and then Brian and I were both off yesterday as well.  Yesterday after we picked Emma up from school we took off for camp to do a little hunting.  We didn't find anything though, but we still had fun!

The picture above is terrible because it was taken through the car window, but it was a bald eagle flying around =)
Wednesday and Today Emma had gymnastics.  She started level 3 which is the Intermediate level.  And she ROCKED =)  She is just amazing at it.  I'm so proud of her.  There is nothing I enjoy more than watching her having such a great time all while learning so much!
I already can't wait for next week for another week of gymnastics! 
Hope everyone enjoys their Friday!!! =)


  1. She looks like she has so much fun at gymnastics! I still plan to sign Brielle up for gymnastics---just haven't gotten around to it yet!

  2. Can we have her autograph!?!? :)
    Have a great weekend you guys!

  3. I wish we were heading to the camp! I love deer camp (not sure if that's what y'all were hunting, but its deer season here!)!

    Way to go, Emma!

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog! :) Love that your little girl likes to sweet! I grew up in the country and hunting was a big thing to do! :)