Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Thursday afternoon after Thanksgiving dinner we got our Christmas tree up!  We used to have a real tree, but then we decided to go the fake route.  I do miss a real tree though.  Brian had to work Thursday night, so Emma and I decorated it =)  She LOVES to help.  I used to be really really picky about my ornaments being spaced out just perfectly, but now with Emma....they tend to get put up in clumps around the tree.  And I'm ok with that!  She thinks it's beautiful, and she is only little once.  These are the times i'll miss when she gets older.  So I did a post about her decorating the tree, but I never shared the final picture of the tree.

 Our Christmas Tree 2012 =)  It's not perfect, but it fits us just fine!!  

Again, sorry for the crappy photo quality of all my pictures.  I always carry my cellphone on me, and hardly ever have my real camera with me.  I need to start carrying it with me everywhere I go.  My purse is plenty big enough to carry it that's for sure! haha

We spent Saturday afternoon and night at my parents house.  It's always nice to go home (and sleep in the next morning!)  We also supported small business Saturday!  I got a little Christmas shopping done which was nice =)

Emma watched The Polar Express on the way to the grandparents house.  Ohhhh how she LOVES this movie!

We stopped and saw Daddy too!

Emma loves mornings when she can just lounge around the living room watching cartoons and having breakfast!

Last night we celebrated my mother in laws Birthday.  Her actual birthday was on Thanksgiving.  We had an ice-cream cake from DQ, and it was sooo good!  My MIL is the best decorator for Holidays!  She has her house completely decked out, and I love it  I told her that I feel like i'm walking into a craft store! haha  It's not overly done or tacky though at all!  Her tree is just beautiful.  Here is a pic of it.


This picture is really dark, but it's the 4 cousins in front of Mimi's Christmas tree!  =)

 We have 11 days left until our Disney trip!  It's gone by way fast...I just hope the trip itself lasts a bit longer!  I haven't done any packing at all.  I really need to get on that asap.  Next week i'm getting my hair cut, colored and highlighted.  Way overdue!!  And i'm taking Emma to get a manicure before we go...she's going to love it!  Happy Monday all! =)