Super Busy!

I have been sooo busy lately.  I have made time to read and catch up on all the blogs that I read every day, but to sit down and actually blog myself...I haven't made the time for it lately.  I haven't even really taken many pictures in the last week.  I've been busy getting all packed for our Disney trip!!  And I didn't think you would all want to see photos of our packed suitcases =)  haha 

Anyway...Emma has been on April vacation from school this week.  We really haven't done anything all that exciting either.  We've been to the park a couple of times but nothing overally exciting.  I told her we would probably be laying low this week so we can rest up for our trip.  So we leave in 4 days now.  We are all really really excited.  But.  Yes, i'm putting a But in there.  Wednesday morning Emma woke up and said she could hear a "shh shh shh shh" noise in her ear.  My first thought was, You have got to be kidding me.  I didn't want to take any chances, so I made an appointment for her with the doctor, thankfully they could get us in that day.  She's been dealing with nasty ear infections all winter long.  I had to work so my husband brought her to the doctor and I get the text from him, "She has a double ear infection."  I immediately texted him back to make sure he told the doctor we are flying in less than a week.  He said the doctor wasn't overally excited about that idea, but put her on meds immediately.  I'm hoping and praying with all my might that she gets over this and the meds work.  I'm a mess thinking about my baby girl flying with an ear infection.  I remember once when I was about her age flying with an ear infection and it was painful.  It's always something isn't it?!? 

So yesterday I made a pie for the hubby.  I had made it for Easter and he lovedddddd it!  It's super easy to make too. 

(I DISLIKE my countertops btw very badly, haha )
(and I did get side tracked and never got a photo of the finished product)

You take a premade graham cracker pie shell.  Or you could make one, but that's just too much work if you ask me.  Cut up some fresh strawberries into the bottom of the crust.  You could use any kind of berry i'm assuming too!  Then, in a sauce pan add 3/4 cups of sugar, 1 1/2 cups of water and 3 tablespoons of corn starch.  Cook that on medium heat until it becomes thick.  Remove from the burner and add a small package of strawberry jello.  Mix it together and pour it into the shell with the berries.  Cool for about 2 hours in the fridge.  And done!  It's really good, and a nice summery type pie.  =)  I made it again tonight with manderin oranges and orange Jello.  It came out just as good!  If anyone decides to try it, let me know how you liked it!  It doesn't have a jello-e texture really, it's creamier! 

We took Emma to the park today before Brian had to head to work.  She had a blast.  It turned out there was a little girl there that goes to her school that she recognized.  She was such a sweet little girl and Emma had so much fun! 

Not a very good picture, but they were playing Ice-Cream shop!

Em decided she wanted to try this, and was scared to death.  Even though daddy was right beside her she still didn't like it!

It kind of looks like a smirk on her face, but that's a terrified get me off this thing look!  =)

After my husband left for work this evening I took Emma up to Dairy Queen for an ice cream.  She loves her chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles =)

She's all ready for her vacation to see Mickey & Minnie Mouse!  Lets just hope the ear infections get better before then! =)

After trying on shorts and stuff the past couple of weeks, it was making me disguisted to see how pale my legs were.  So I decided to go tanning.  I went today and boy did I burn my back.  It's going to be sore.  My last session is Sunday or Monday for a spray tan.  Has anyone ever had one?  I'm scared to death of them, but they say they look very natural.  We'll see how it goes! 

I'll probably be MIA for a couple of days, but we'll see!  I do plan on bringing my laptop along with me on our trip so hopefully i'll be able to do some blogging on it at night....we'll just see how tired I am at the end of the days!  I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!! =)



  1. Hope she's feeling better soon---and have fun on your trip!!!

    1. I sure hope she is too! And thank you!! =)

  2. Hope y'all have a fun trip! Can't wait to see pictures!