Final Post (for tonight) - 50th Blog Post!!

I promise this is my 3rd and final post for the night! haha   Anddd I just realized this is my 50th Blog Post!! =) 

Brian had to work tonight so it's just Emma and I at home.  I decided to surpise her and we made homemade milkshakes for our snack tonight!  She loved making them!  I let her do everything from putting the icecream into the blender, pouring the milk....and then adding the oreo cookies to them!  They turned out super yummy!  Enjoy the pictures =)

I have never let Emma pour milk before.  I was freaking out the entire time she was doing it!  haha
She did well though!  Not a single spill =)

Enjoying her milkshake. 

And then I got to enjoy what was leftover.  Although Emma was a little upset that I didn't save any for Daddy.  I told her though we would make another one on his next night off =) 


  1. How fun. The girls like when I make us smoothies

  2. How fun!! I'm impressed she didn't spill the milk...I'm usually not so lucky. Ha! She is so cute with her milkshake!! :)