A post with no photos! (oh wait, a couple!)

I'm not sure why I have been slacking in this department lately.  BUT that is about to change!  I start my online photography class tomorrow and I am soooooo excited!!!  I'm really anxious to see what she is going to have us do and teach us.  It should be lots of fun! 

I have had the last 2 days off.  I feel like I got absolutely nothing accomplished at all around the house! haha  Yesterday we dropped Emma off at school at 8:00 and then went straight to Bangor to get a few things.  On the way there I batted my eyelashes and asked to stop at a car dealership just to look!  I always said that I would never get a Kia, i'm not sure why though.  I went and looked at the new Kia Sorrento, and i'm kinda in love with it!  It really has everything I am looking for and the price is great.  From there we went to the Honda dealership.  I saw some I liked, but wasn't in love with them.  Then on to the GMC dealership.  Love the Acadia, but a little out of my price range, unless I get a used one.  My mom has an Acadia, and i'm pretty sure she would sell me hers if I asked! haha  We also looked at the GMC Terrain.  Nice, but really low to the ground and absolutely no stinkin leg room in the backseat.  Thennn onto the Ford Dealership.  Ford Edge.  Sighhh.  I have drooled over these since 2009.  However...for a brand new with everything I want in it, is about $42,000.  Nooo way will I pay that much for a car!  So we will keep looking.  I don't want to buy anything anyway until the snow is gone for sure.

After car shopping we ran a few more errands.  Got a steal on some dog food, which made me happy! =)  And then we picked Emma up from school.  Brian came home and wanted to take a nap, and I took Emma to get her hair cut!  I was really quite nervous about this.  Her hair is really really really long.  She has only had 2 trims prior to this.  And this time I wanted at least 5 or 6 inches taken off.  She was really excited though.  I had my camera right in my purse of course, but for whatever reason I took the photos on my phone, so the quality of these isn't good at all. 

Here she is just before the cut!  Not looking at the camera, but oh well =)

And here is the after pic.  I should have taken a before picture.  But yeah....I didn't.  Haha

They did such a great job!!  They took about 5 inches off, then curled it and braided the front of it.  She looked so darn cute!  I wish I had got a photo of the front!   And check out her natural highlights.  Jealous.  I pay big money for that for me! =)

That night we were completely pooped out.  We were all in bed and asleep by 8:00!  We all had a really good nights sleep for a change. 

Today we did grocery shopping, went to the bank to talk about refinancing our house and a couple of other things.  For dinner tonight I was too tired to even think about cooking a big meal, so Emma and I had mac & cheese.  Quick and easy! 

Tomorrow night and Friday night I work.  Then i'm off for the entire weekend!  I really love my new schedule this year at work.  Every other weekend off is awesome!!  Last year I would go 3 months without having a single weekend off.  Terrible terrible schedule.  We plan on going to camp Saturday night with a couple of friends to spend the night.  Emma loves it out there and so does the puppy.  So it should be lots of fun! 

Tomorrow I will have to post photos of Emma's new toy.  She saved and saved and saved for something that she wanted.  She finally saved $110 of her very own money so she bought it.  That will be a post for tomorrow!  Goodnight!!! =)

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  1. Her hair is beautiful! Glad the haircut went well. And I'm impressed with her saving skills! :)