The last couple of days

I survived turning 30!!!!  I guess it's really not that bad after all =)  Tomorrow is my husbands 30th birthday as well!  Isn't it strange that our birthdays are only 4 days apart!  Crazy! 

This is about how my week has gone so far...

Emma laying on the couch sleeping, with her "bucket" next to her.  Poor thing.  Monday she was feeling a lot better.  I kept her out of school just incase.  She was fine, no throwing up that afternoon or evening.  Around 4:00 on Tuesday morning she woke up vomitting again!  So Tuesday I kept her out of school as well.  She went back today and has been fine since.  Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

So as I said, tomorrow is my husbands birthday.  And i have noooo idea at all what to get him.  I am just completely stumped.  I'm usually pretty good at picking out gifts for him, but I don't know what it is about this one, I can't think of anything.  Does anyone have any ideas they can throw out there for me?? =)

We are going to be celebrating both of our birthdays this Saturday with family at our favorite Mexican restaurant!  Super excited!! =)

Emma went to bed kinda late tonight.  I had taped the new show on Disney Jr for her "Doc McStuffins" and she really wanted to watch it.  We watched it together and it's actually really cute!  I recommend it it to you all for your kids! 

I found these new wonderful things at the grocery store today:

Almond Joy coffee creamers!  They are simply amazing!!!  I got the single serve ones so that I could bring them to work with me, and they don't have to be refigerated!  If you like almond joys and coffee, then these are a must to try! 

Sorry for no photos really again.  Since I have a household of sick people, we really haven't done anything lately.  Hopefully this weekend that will change! =)


  1. I hope emma stays throw up free.
    Happy birthday to your hubby

    Thank you for the sweet comment on my post today

    1. Oh you are welcome! I loved the pictures of the girls in the sink! They are so darn cute! I wish Emma still fit in the sink! haha =)