First Day Of Kindergarten!

We survived the first day of Kindergarten!!!  As I said in my last post I had a mix of emotions about this day.  We woke up at about 6:50 this morning, showered, packed Emma's lunch and got her dressed for her very first day!  Brian and I took her to school, i'm way too much of a worry wort to let her take the bus just yet! HA!  The first 4 days of school she is only going a 1/2 day, at the start of next week she will start going full days!  We picked her up at noon today, and she told us she had a blast!  She was so excited that she got to eat her lunch in the cafeteria today!  Here are a few pictures from the first day =)

She was so cute walking into the school!  Here is something that I came across on another blog.  A gift for the teacher!  Emma thought it would be a good idea to get something for her teacher so here is what we put together!

It was a really cute idea that we found!  And Emma's teacher enjoyed it as well! 

Well we start another day of school tomorrow, so I have clothes to lay out and a lunch to pack! =)

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