What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Friends!  Today I am linking up with Shay, Mel & Sheaffer with What's Up Wednesday!
I'm pretty sure this is the first Wednesday I have linked up with them! 


So let's start off with, What we're eating this week!

This is a new favorite in our house! If you like chicken and you like pineapple...you have to try this recipe!! 

What I'm reminiscing about this week...
Our Disney trip.  Yes, the one I still haven't blogged about.  Haha  I'm more than ready to go back!!
What I'm loving.
Summer vacation.  Sleeping in.  Yes!  Well, obviously I can't sleep in on days that I'm working but days that I am off I don't have to wake either of the girls up, and it's great!
What We've been Up to...
We've been playing outside a lot!  Brian finally repainted Emma's playset, and Alyx just loves it! 
Emma had her last day of 3rd grade.  I may have cried a little bit!!  It was pajama day the last day!
I sent Emma to school with a beach bag for her teacher.  It was full of lots of funny goodies for her awesome teacher she had this year!
Alyx had her well child check up the other day.  She's growing great and had 4 shots.  She really disliked those!
What I'm excited about...
Day trips this summer.  We plan to do several of them.  We're hoping to get to the ocean a few times and a couple of other places.  Maybe even a Red Sox game!  =)
What' I'm listening to...
Well right now I'm at work so I'm listening to police officers chat in my ear! ha!
What's I'm doing this weekend...
We are going to camp!  And we're definitely looking forward to it!  A nice day of relaxing and some swimming!!
And What else are we are up to....
Emma spent last weekend at my parents house.  She was finally able to go swimming!
Father's Day came a couple of days late this year.  But I think it was worth the wait.
I bought Brian a new Explorer.  He better remember this come next Mother's Day! Hehehe =)
Emma has basketball camp all week this week.  She LOVES it.  And it's been great exercise for her too!
Alyx LOVES to watch Brian mow the lawn and gets SOOO excited when Brian drives by on the mower.
My grandmothers banana bread recipe.  I miss her terribly.  But this reminds me of her.  The one on the left has chocolate chips in it, and it is really yummy!
So there you have it for my What's Up Wednesday!! 

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  1. Sleeping in... Tell me more about this novel thing you speak of... HA!
    Summers are made for day trips. Can't wait to hear about all the fun you'll be having this summer. Your area is so gorgeous!!
    Ummmm, BEST Father's Day gift - EVER!