Oh Christmas Tree...

Last night we tried the infamous kids with lights pictures.  They didn't come out as great as I would have liked, but I got a couple of ok ones.  I'm going to try it again tonight and see if changing some settings will help a little!
We'll see what happens tonight, but I can tell you Alyx LOVED playing with the lights! haha
This morning I dressed Alyx up in her new dress, that I am just beyond in love with!  And decided to take some photos with the Christmas tree.  And can I just tell you having 2 cats who absolutely love to screw up our Christmas tree skirt is a pain in the butt!  I had just fixed it and they both came running through slidding on it.  Ugh.  Oh well!!
She is such a ham!  She has this cheesy little smile now and wrinkles her nose.  I love it!
I tried soo hard to get one of her looking at me with the Santa hat but she just wouldn't do it.  Oh well!!
Happy Tuesday all =)


  1. Your pictures all turned out great!
    And holy smokes, how adorable is Alyx and that little outfit?!!!

  2. Love all these pictures! Aylx's dress is super adorable, and that face she is making is so precious!

  3. Your pictures are all great!!! I'm horrible at night pictures but yours are awesome! And Aylx dress is too cute!!! where'd you get it from?

  4. I think your pictures are great!! Look at that cute little face!!!! haha

  5. LOVE the photos!! Cuteness overload! That last one is definitely a framer!! :o) and that dress...where did you get it? It's so adorable.