Weekend Recap

The weekend is yet again over and done with.  We had a pretty low key weekend around here.  Friday night the girls and I, and my mother in law went to dinner at Applebees.  And then a little shopping at Wal-Mart. 

Saturday we packed up and headed to a Christmas Fair that was about an hour away.  They had sooo much stuff that I honestly could have bought.  But I settled for 3 Christmas signs to hang up around the house.  When I get them up, i'll be sure to take pictures.  Saturday night we celebrated my MIL's birthday with pizza and cake.

Sunday was spent with a fussy fussy fussy baby.  Did I mention fussy?!?  Oh my word.  Alyx is teething, and has about 5 of her top teeth coming in all at once and she's not happy about it.  We did manage to get our Christmas tree up.  And so far she has stayed away from it.  But I'm sure she will get much more interested in the days ahead. 

So there is our weekend recap.  I'm hoping that this teething thing that Alyx has going on doesn't last too long.  She didn't sleep hardly at all last night, so that makes for a very tired momma this morning.  Hope everyone has a Happy Monday, and a good start to Thanksgiving week =) 


  1. Your tree looks gorgeous! It makes me want to get ours up! Can't wait to see the signs you got!

  2. The tree looks great! Yay for dinner at Applebees. Callie is at that I won't sit still age. I kinda (not really) miss the baby days when she would just stay in a high chair. Tell me that ends soon oh wise mom of an older kid!!!

  3. Love the tree. Hope Alyx feels better soon!

  4. Poor Alyx! I hope those teeth pop in quickly so she is back to her self, soon.
    LOVE your tree! We put ours up too! I convinced Scott that we had to - I mean, Thanksgiving is just so late this year. :)

  5. Your tree is beautiful! I hope Alyx's teeth decide to pop through soon so she is out of pain, poor baby. I also wanted to tell you that I got my light up "HOME" sign here: http://www.kohls.com/product/prd-1904130/apothecary-home-led-marquee-sign-decor.jsp I was able to find a coupon code online for it too!