First day of 3rd Grade

I'm honestly not sure where the time has gone, but I have a 3rd grader now.  Yup, Emma started 3rd grade yesterday.  She has always been really good about going back to school after summer vacation, but Monday night was filled with a lot of fear and nervousness.  I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that 3rd grade is upstairs in the school, they have a different playground than what Emma had been used to...and the biggest thing she was upset about....They do lunch recess BEFORE lunch!  LOL  =)  She woke up yesterday morning, excited but still nervous.  I made her favorite breakfast, chocolate chip pancakes, and then she got ready to head out to school!

My little girl has grown so much over the summer!  She's definitely gotten tall!  

We picked her up from school at 2:30, and she had a great day!  She loved her new teacher, who is completely new to the school this year and it's her first year teaching.  I think i'm really going to like her too, and I love that she keeps a classroom blog, so I get to see what they are up to throughout the day and see pictures =)

Since she had a great day, we treated Em to Sweet Frog =)

Emma always chooses the most disguising combinations of frozen yogurts and toppings! But she seems to love it!

Backing up to Sunday.   We did our annual lobster dinner at my inlaws.  Our family loves lobster for sure.  All the food was yumm-o!

There were over 20 lobsters and I think 10 pounds of clams =)

Alyx was very interested in them, not afraid at all!  And don't worry the elastics were still on the claws so it couldn't snap her!
Earlier in the day Emma went swimming in the lake.  She is such a fish!  She could swim all day everyday!

I'm sad that summer vacation is officially over, but we really did have a great summer!


  1. So glad Emma had a great first day!! And that photo of Alyx with the made me giggle! :oP

  2. What a great first day! And wow how much stuff did she have to bring with her the 1st day for such a big backpack?! She looks super excited for school in her photo :)

  3. Sounds like she had a good first day. Hope the year continues to go well for her. I think all teacher's should do a blog :)

    Lobster, yummy!!!

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  5. What a perfect first day of school.
    And, all that lobster - YUM!!!