A trip to the Farm

Emma has been on Spring school vacation this week.  I so wish we could have gone somewhere really cool, like Disney or something.  But that's kinda hard to do with a 5 month old =)  We've just been doing little things around here that she likes.  Yesterday we brought Em shopping with some money that you know has been burning a hole in her pocket!  She insisted on buying a scooter with it, since the 2 little girls across the street from us each got one for Easter.  She absolutely loves it!  And does really well on it too!  

We went to lunch at Em's favorite restaurant...and it's me and Brians favorite too!

My brother in law and sister in law had asked us to take some pictures of their new little one.  And trust me, i'm no professional photographer at all, but I wanted to share one photo that I love that I took!

He's such a cutie!!!!

This afternoon we took Miss Emma to the Farm.  That was on her list of things to do today!

Tomorrow Emma is going to go with Alyx to her daycare.  We just recently switched daycares for Alyx.  Long story, but we are soooo much happier now at the daycare she is at!  And it's is awesome because during school vacations and summer breaks, Emma can go as well.  They have a daughter that is the same age as Emma...and her name is Emma too!  My Emma is beyond excited about going tomorrow!  

Now I think i'm pretty much caught up on this ole' blog of mine =)