So I am afraid we are going to have a very long summer on our hands.  Emma has always been slightly afraid of bugs.  But it was never really an issue.  However...this year, it's different.  Anything that moves or crawls she completely freaks out.  And i'm afraid we aren't even really into "bug" season yet.  This morning she was at my mother in laws riding her bike and a couple of times she let out a screech because of a bug or what not.  But this wasn't even close to how much she freaked out when we got home.  I had to *make* her go outside when we got home.  She didn't want to because there was bees around.  Once we finally got outside she was playing with her chalk and then all of a sudden a bee flew by, the chalk went flying and she flew into the house and said, "I'm done".  I asked what she was done with and she said "going outside".  I asked her if she was going to spend all summer sitting inside while all the other kids in the neighborhood were outside having fun, and she just looked at me. So, does anyone have any tips/tricks with dealing with this issue and kids?  I think I would understand her fear better if she had been stung by a bee before, or had a bad insect bite or something...but she's had neither.  If it moves, crawls or flys...she's done.  I did manage to snap one picture of her outside playing with her chalk.  And it's a completely forced smile because she was constantly looking at her surroundings waiting for something to move around her.  Lol  Poor Em.

A couple of years ago we planted a Japanese flowering crabapple tree in our front yard.  This year it has the most beautiful flowers on it.  I wish it flowered all summer, but we only get a week or two of the flowers.  It smells so good too...and i'm pretty sure the bees flock to this tree.
And poor Gunner, he wanted to be out front with us pretty bad, but one of our neighbors was having a yard sale, so I didn't need him barking and whining and all that stuff.
So he stayed in, away from all the bugs ;)
I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their weekend!! =)


  1. Raya was like that last year---even house flys she'd kinda freak out haha. What worked best for us was making sure we were aware of how *we* responded to bugs. I obviously wasn't afraid of flies, but I don't care for spiders or bees etc., so I would often flinch if I came across one. Raya just amplified that reaction, but I realized I was implying they were bad in some way. So I forced myself to act like I loved bugs---we read books about bugs and I tried to make them seem really cool. (We also would talk about some bugs like they were little families---I'd see a spider and say "oh, I bet that's the mommy spider out looking for food for her babies, how neat! What kind of food do you think her babies like best?!" ....Emma might be a little too old to fall for that, but overall I tried to make all the bugs seem friendly and nice ;-)

  2. Ugh! I hate bugs too, which is why I am afraid the girls are. In fact, we just went through the whole screaming thing from Rylee yesterday. She saw a cricket in the house and refused to go out and get the dog's food from the garage (part of her morning job). I know I am the main reason she reacts this way. Willow, on the other hand, is the one to usually go and kill them... thankfully! I like Shawna's suggestion! I think if you get books and learn about them, then they aren't as scary... maybe?