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Happy Thursday friends =)  We are so close to the weekend!  This has been a messed up work week with a Holiday falling on Tuesday and then the girls going back to school on Wednesday.  Today I am excited to be linking up with two of my favorite bloggers, Jenna and Jen for their new monthly linkup!

1. My biggest goal for this year is to drink more water.  Diet Coke is a HUGE weakness of mine, and I drink entirely too much of it.  I don't think I will give it up completely (not yet anyway) but my goal is to fill up my water bottle everyday at work at least twice.  My water bottle is 32 oz, so my goal at work is 64 oz of water.  My friend Justine has an instagram account, fullhandsfullheart_fit4life, and last night I was watching her IG stories.  And she hit the nail on the head when she was talking about staying hydrated and I think she is right.  She said a good portion of our population is crabby because they don't keep themselves hydrated!  I loved this and I think she is so right!!

2.  This little blog of mine.  I absolutely LOVE blogging.  Do I get a post up every single day? No.  Do I wish I did?  Yes.  But I know that is unrealistic for me.  So my goal is to blog at least 3 days a week.  The days of wanting pageviews, likes, comments and all of that are over for me.  I don't care how many people comment or like a post of mine, I'm blogging because I want to and I want something to look back on years from now.  I hope to get a lot of my posts written before hand, rather than the night before I want to post something.  I am so thankful for this little community and the friends I have made from blogging.  You all are the best!!

3.  One thing that I have really enjoyed doing is some designing.  Little known fact, I went to college for graphic design.  When I was in high school I worked for our local newspaper on weekends designing advertisements.  It was so much fun!  I never pursued a career in graphic design, honestly i'm not sure why.  But a goal of mine is to do more designing this year whether it be for blogs, or what not.

4.  Take my camera out more.  And I don't mean my iPhone camera.  It's been so long since I have taken out my DSLR.  It's sad really.  I feel like I have thousands of photos of Emma when she was little on my good camera, and then Alyx came along and the quality of iPhone photos became better and all of my photos of her are from my phone.  

5.  Spend more one on one time with my girls.  I would like to do this at least once a month.  Even if it means just a quick dinner or lunch out with them.  Especially with Emma.  I feel like since she is so busy with after school activities that it's rare for her and I to get time alone together.

This is a great question!  5 years honestly scares the crap out of me!  I mean in 5 years Emma will be 17 years old and getting ready to graduate High School...Oh dear lord.  This really puts things in perspective for me.  Alyx will be 10.  I am going to live in the moment for now and soak up every day of my girls still being "little".  I still consider Emma little =)  Work wise I plan on still working for the same Department I do now.  There is not a day that I wake up and dread going to work.  I love my job, and I love the people I work for.  

Thank you Jenna and Jen for hosting a fun linkup =)

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