Prime Purchases {January}

Happy Tuesday!  Today I am joining Tanya for her monthly linkup of Prime Purchases.  Over the last couple of weeks I really haven't bought a ton of stuff because of well Christmas, so today I thought I would share with you some items I have bought and some items I received for Christmas that I thought you would all like!  

This sweater from LL Bean has been my favorite purchase this month!  My mom actually got me a different one for Christmas, but it was much heavier than this one and I wasn't sure exactly how much I would wear it, so I opted to return it for this one.  And it's so comfortable! 
You can find the link for it HERE.

I also ordered this funnelneck sweatshirt from LL Bean.

It is SO soft and so comfy.  You can find it HERE

These were a gift for Christmas and they have to be the most comfortable pair of slippers I have ever worn.

They're the LL Bean Wicked Good Moccasins.  And they are heaven on your feet.  I ended up buying Brian the mens version found HERE.

Has anyone ordered from  Maybe i'm the last one in the world to order from there, but I ordered these leggings the other day.  They haven't come in yet, but I am anxious to try them.

They're called the Ultra Soft 5" waist leggings.  They have great reviews, and they were only $8.99.  I'll let you know how I like them!

Emma got a pair of Apple ear pods for Christmas and she mentioned numerous times that they case is slippery.  So I found this silicone case to put over it.

You can find it HERE.

One of my favorite gifts to give people are soft blankets.  And my favorite inexpensive soft blanket is from Kohls.  It's called "The Big One Supersoft Plush Throw".  These are SO soft and fluffy.

I literally have 4 of these in our living room.  All this same print.  We love to be covered up with blankets at night while we watch TV.  They also come in several different fun prints.  They are normally $39.99, but most of the time they are on sale for $19.99.  But, if you watch Kohls closely, every once in a while you can get them for about $7.99.  That's the time to stock up on them!

So there are some things I bought, received as gifts, and gave as gifts!  Hope you all have a great Tuesday!  We are in for a big snowstorm today so let's hope we don't get too much snow =)

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