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Happy Tuesday Friends!  Tuesdays around here are normally for my Meet & Greet series, however today I am joining several ladies for a blog hop.  Today's topic is Meet our Loves!  I love these blog hops, and it's a great way for you to find some new blogs to read =)

I talk a lot about Brian here on my blog, but I honestly feel like I don't give him enough credit on here.  This man works long and hard hours.  He doesn't just have one job, he has 3.  He has his full-time job and then two part time jobs on the side.  His full time job he works overnights.  This has been so tough the last couple of years and I pray every night that a day slot opens at some point and he is able to take it.  It's not an easy job being home at night with just the girls.  We most definitely cherish the nights he is off from work and is able to be home with us.  I don't know how all the military wives do it for months on end!

He loves his family more than anything, and I absolutely adore that about him.  On his nights off he would much rather be at home with us, then hanging out with his buddies.  He loves sports, mostly the Red Sox and Patriots.  He even got the Boston "B" tattooed on the back of his leg a few years ago.  He loves hunting.  He loves to cook.  And he doesn't like to cook just simple meals, he likes to go all out and make a really great meal.  Sometimes I turn my nose up to some of his cooking ideas, but in the end it's usually delicious and I have to tell him he was right! ha =)  
Over the years he has become really good at taking my visions and making them come to light.  I can watch a show and see something I like, mention it to Brian and he does his best at making it happen.  I wanted a ship-lap wall, and the next day I had a ship lap wall.  I love that about him!
I couldn't have chose a better man to spend my life with.

I have written about Emma's birth story before, and you can find it HERE.  She's been a fighter since she was born this girl.  Emma is my easy going child.  She goes with the flow.  She isn't a picky eater, and will honestly eat anything that is put in front of her.  Even if she doesn't like it, she will usually eat it anyway.  She is the messiest kid I have ever met though! She has the hardest time "remembering" to pick things up and her room usually looks like a hurricane has just gone through. 
She has the heart of gold this one though.

Middle school for Emma has been tough.  This age just plain stinks sometimes.  There are just some kids that can try and make your life miserable, but thankfully Emma is tough and she is getting through it.  Middle school girl drama is the worst!!  She has the biggest heart and will drop anything and everything to help out someone in need. 

Emma LOVES to swim.  I am so thankful that we found this swim team.  It's given her a lot of confidence, and she can swim like a fish now!

She also LOVES Softball.  When she first started playing I wasn't sure she would enjoy it, but she loves it.  She even started learning to pitch last spring.  She is beyond excited for the softball season to start in a couple of months.

I pray that she keeps her sweet soul forever and that Middle School gets better every day.

Ohhh Alyx.  Where do I even begin? Haha  Alyx is my very strong willed child.  She is feisty.  Boy is she ever feisty!  You can tell just by her grin that she gives Brian and I a run for our money!

She also is the sweetest when she wants to be.  She loves to cuddle.  She loves baby dolls like no kid I have seen.  She has so many that I don't think I can even count.  She loves to have tea parties, and has more tea cups than I can count.  Her favorite thing right now is LOL Dolls.  If we go into a store that sells them, and she doesn't get out!  She will have a complete meltdown right then and there.  She is a super picky eater.  I can count on both hands things she will eat.  If she's never tried something before and she doesn't like the looks of it, she will immediately start gagging.  Emma had a toasted bagel the other day in the car and Alyx legit almost got sick because she couldn't stand the look and smell of it.  It's rough in the eating department with this one!  

She loves to be outside playing.  In the summer it's impossible to get her to come inside.  If she could be outdoors playing all day every day she would be happy all the time.  

She completes our family and she makes us laugh so hard all the time.  Her looks and expressions are enough to make anyone smile on a bad day.  

I hope you will follow the links below to read more about "our loves" from other bloggers.

Have a great Tuesday Friends!

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