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Happy Tuesday Friends!  I'm linking up today with the ladies from The Blended Blog and answering their August questions =)  These are always fun to read =)

1. Pool, Lake or Ocean?  This is a hard one.  I like all 3 for different reasons.  I love the pool because they are for the most part pretty darn clean.  The lake well, just because it's fun!  And the Ocean, because I absolutely love salt water!

2. Camping, Cottage or Hotel?  Cottage or Hotel.  I'm not a huge lover of camping.  I like when someone makes my bed for me the next day! ha! Or even serves me a continental breakfast =) 

3. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?  Chocolate all the way!

4. Pj's Nightgown, T-shirt/Shorts or Birthday Suit?  T-shirt and shorts or pants for me

5. Favorite Summer Beverage?  Non-Alcoholic, Lemonade or Sweet Tea.  Alcoholic, Margaritas!

6. Would you rather be hot or cold?  I would say cold I suppose.  Because then I can wrap up in a nice fuzzy blanket and get warm.

7. Sandals with heels or flats?  Flats allllllll the way!

8. Shorts or skirts?  Shorts

9. Sit in the sun or shade?  Sun for sure

10. Water, tea or soda?  I love all 3.  Diet Coke though is my weakness.

11. Favorite summer fruit and vegetable?  Blueberries and Zuchinni

12. Sunrise or Sunset?  I can't chose between the two.  I love both!

13. Bike Ride or Walk?  Probably a walk

14. Winery or Brewery?  Winery for sure!

15. Garden or no garden?  I would have to say garden...but I don't have one.  I want one though! =)

16. Big summer concert or music in the park?  Both!

17. Favorite cookout food?  Chicken kabobs.  I've shared the recipe here before, you can find it by clicking HERE.

18. Dine indoors or patio?  Definitely on the patio.  We eat outdoors as much as we can and I love when restaurants offer outdoor seating.

19. Favorite Summer Destination?  The ocean right here in Maine.  You can check out my post from yesterday by clicking HERE to read about our trip to the Ocean this past weekend.

20. Big Theme parks or local carnival?  Well, big theme parks for sure!  We managed to hide the fact that our local carnival came last week and the girls never even knew it was happening ;)

21. Drinks blended or on the rocks?  Depends on the drink actually.  Margaritas on the rocks for sure.

22. Popsicle or freezie flavor of choice?  Orange =)

23. Hot Dog or Hamburger?  If it's a hot dog then it must be a red hot dog.  Which I am pretty sure you can only find in New England.  In this picture you can see the red hot dog.  They are SO good my friends!!

If red hot dogs aren't an option, then I will take a hamburger! =)

Now that was fun answering all these questions.  I love reading everyone else's answers too!!

Also linking up with the ladies of Tuesday Talk =)

Have a great Tuesday Friends!!

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