Well Good Morning!  And Happy Wednesday!  It's my day off, so i'm glad to see Wednesday here =)  So it's officially spring!!  And while we have had a very very mild winter here in Maine compared to years past, our first official full day of Spring on Monday brought us s-n-o-w.  Yuck!  About 8 inches total.  I'm going to hope that it quickly melts =)

This month is Birthday month in our family!  The amount of March Birthdays we have is insane!  Sunday afternoon we celebrated my nephews 2nd Birthday, his Birthday is actually this Friday the same day as mine =)   Monday was my aunt and cousins Birthday, and tomorrow is my nieces 13th Birthday, and the 29th is Brian's birthday.  I told you, crazy Birthday month!  So with that said...I haven't even thought about what I am getting Brian.  We really don't normally do gifts for each other on our Birthdays, but this year I really would like to get him something.  Nothing big, but a little something.  I did order this sticker for his YETI cup.

I found it HERE on Etsy.  He just LOVES his YETI cup, and I highly recommend them to anyone.  We actually got one for Emma this weekend while we were away, and she pretty much loves hers too.  I also ordered her a decal from Etsy with her name on it for her cup. They can be fun to personalize and make your own.  You can find the YETI cups HERE.  

So what else do you get someone that has pretty much everything he needs?  I always always have a hard time with gifts for Brian, because honestly if he needs something he usually just goes out and buys it.  Any suggestions are welcome!!!! =)

I'll leave you today with a picture of my Easter Bunny while waiting at the doctors office Monday for an appointment =)

Have a great day everyone!!


  1. Happy birthdays for the month!!!! What are you going to do Friday for yours???

  2. Our Anniversary is the 29th!! And I wish I could help you with the gift ideas...Aaron is SO hard to buy for- he returned both presents I got him this year for his birthday! He can ALWAYS find something to buy at Home maybe you could get Brian a gift card to there? Or to Cabela's- since you mentioned he loved shopping there so much? Hope you have a great day off!

  3. What a fun month of birthday celebrations!! I've heard so much about Yeti in just the past few weeks; that may need to go on my birthday wish list!

  4. I was just talking to Scott about how we need Yetis. He had no idea what they were! And those stickers! I know he'd love one!!