Thoughts for Thursday {Ten Dollar Target Haul}

A couple of my favorite bloggers host a $10.00 Target Haul linkup, and I have loved seeing what these ladies can get for $10.00.  When I was reading through blogs the other day, I thought, why am I just reading these and not participating in this linkup?!?  I mean, I pretty much love every.single.thing about Target. I could wander around there all day long and be as happy and content as ever!  So off to Target I went =)

My target just recently re-did their Dollar Spot, and I love it!  Before I felt like everything was just thrown into a little area, and now it's nicely organized and much easier to look and find things.  So of course I hit up the dollar spot first!  

The first thing I spotted was their Easter stuff. I don't have one single Easter decoration, and my eyes instantly went to this adorable wooden sign.

I have the perfect little spot on my mantle for this cute little thing =)  

I am always in need of note cards, whether it be for a friend or one of Emma's teachers or just a little thank you note.  And I love Targets dollar spot for them.

And aren't these note cards cute!  I love the ones with the flamingos on them!  

So the dollar spot was a bit picked over on this trip, so I headed to the clearance section of our Target.  There was so much in the clearance section this time, but if you know me then you know I am huge sucker for nail polish.  Especially OPI and Essie.  But I refuse to pay full price for them.  Well lookie what I was able to find in the clearance area...

Not a bad price at $4.24!  The color is a bit fallish/wintery but I really liked it.

So how did I do?  Was I able to stay under the $10.00 limit??

I was close!  I went over by .80 cents =)  I consider that pretty good!  Thanks for hosting this fun linkup ladies!!

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  1. You always find the best deals on Essie polish! I love those "Heeeey!" cards!!!

  2. What?!? That is awesome - I can't stay under $50 in Target - everything costs $3-7, but I just find myself grabbing it all!!

  3. Neat finds. I haven't taken the time to really browse through the dollar section. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Good for you on the Essie polish, I am a huge fan and always end up paying full price. I haven't been to Target in awhile but it looks like a trip is in my future.

  5. Love those cute notecards and that is such an awesome deal on an Essie nail polish!!

  6. I want to try the $10 challenge, but not sure I can stick to just $10. The other day I only spent $17 and was so proud. HA!
    The dollar spot is my go to for cute stationary. Target has the best!! And I almost always walk out of there with at least one package of them.
    Woah - you scored on the Essie!! It's crazy how expensive that stuff is at full price!

  7. If I don't get my note cards at Michaels in their dollar section, I get them at Target. You can never have too many note cards. You did a great job for staying within the limit. Yes, on the nail polish. They seem to always have some on clearance. Happy Easter to you!

  8. Great finds!!! I just love the dollar spot!