Friday Favorites

Well, Happy Friday!!  I have been a bit MIA this week, and honestly really don't have any excuse, other than a bit of a head cold that got the best of me.  But i'm on the mend and here I am to share my Friday Favorites today!  I'm linking up as always with Narci, Andrea and Erika =)

To start, I am linking up with Kelly at Kelly's Korner today for Show Us Your Life Fridays, and today is introductions.  So if you are new to reading my blog, here is a little bit about me.

I'm Johannah =)  I live in Maine.  Married almost 9 years to my husband Brian.  We have two girls.  Emma who is 9, and Alyx is 2.   I work full time as a 911 dispatcher, and my husband works in Law Enforcement.  Emma is in 4th grade, and is a sports fanatic.  She loves basketball, field hockey, and softball...continue reading down a bit further to hear about Softball ;)  Emma is shy and quiet, but has the biggest heart of a little girl I have ever seen.  Alyx is my crazy wild child.  She is sweet as can be, but she never stops all day long =)  They say the second child is always different than the first, and these two girls are a prime example =)  

I love to blog and have been blogging now for 6 years!  I've met some amazing ladies through this blogging community, and created friendships I never imagined. 
 Last weekend we had a funeral to attend back in my hometown, Brian also works for the police department there part time.  I was able to get a picture of all of them before we left.

I've known all of these guys my entire life, and I'm proud of each and every one of them.  It was a tough day for them, but they all remained strong.  
Sunday was all about crafts in the afternoon for Alyx.  She is obsessed with stickers.  Absolutely loves them!

The more the stickers, the better in her opinion.  So far she has done good at keeping them on paper.  Lets hope that continues!

We also found out that this little girl LOVES salsa and chips!

We had lunch at Chilis before starting Softball for Miss Emma.

I'd really really like to say that Softball went awesome and Emma can't wait for this coming Sunday to go again, but that's not the case.  I guess when you take a hit to the stomach with a softball, you really don't want to go back =(  She was in a lot of pain, but she's much better now.  But definitely nervous to go again.  

Back a couple of years ago Emma got her ears pierced.  She looked so cute with earrings, and then one got infected.  I swore she wasn't going to get them done again until she was 18! ha!  Well, the other day out of the blue she asked to go and get them done again.  And of course, I caved.

She wasn't the least bit nervous until the put the piercing gun up to her ears.  

Can't you see the look of fear here!?! haha

She did awesome!  And she looks so cute with little studded diamonds =)

If you've read my blog for any length of time, then you know Emma's obsession with Harry Potter.  She had an entire HP birthday this past year, and you can find that post HERE.  Last night a local restaurant had Harry Potter night, and Emma was so excited!

They had a really good time!  All the kids meals were 99 cents, and they had a Harry Potter reading in one room of the restaurant, Harry Potter snacks and butter beer, and book giveaways.  Emma will anxiously be waiting to hear if she wins any of the door prizes =) 

And lastly, I hope you all have a great Friday and a great weekend!!  See you back here Monday!!

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  1. Looks like a great week! I love the way you designed the numbers setting each one!

  2. I am with Alyx - bring me the chips and salsa!! Happy Friday!!

    1. Happy Friday to you as well, Leigh =)

  3. I have missed you!! Glad to hear that you are feeling better!! Poor Emma!! I was hit in the nose, dead on, with a soft ball while playing catch with my dad and I will tell you- it definitely didn't make me excited to go try out for the team! HA! Fingers crossed she has a better experience at her next practice!! hope you get some extra rest this weekend!!! :)

  4. Oh my goodness, I wish a restaurant near us did Harry Potter night! That sounds so awesome! My daughter is in 4th grade as well and got her ears pierced as a birthday present in Kindergarten. Now she's asking for a second set of earring holes and dyed hair! Aaghh! Hope Emma gets back her softball confidence. I can imagine how scared she must feel. Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh my word, I am dying of all the cuteness in the picture of Alyx with those H.P. glasses on, hahaha! What a doll!!!! So glad to see your post up today. I have missed you in my daily blog readings this week. Have a great weekend, girl!

    1. I've missed reading all the blog posts from all of you! I just couldn't find the motivation to get my laptop out the last few days. Have a great weekend, Bri!

  6. Alyx in those HP glasses - haha! Love it!
    Sounds like you all had pretty good week (minus that softball to the stomach, ouch)!

    1. She looked too cute in the HP glasses!!! =)