Our Week in Pictures...so far!

I'm going to first by start off by saying...I want to go to Disney!!  haha  Everyone, and I mean everyone lately is posting about their Disney trips.  And i'm just a tad bit jealous ;)  Hehe 
Anyway...back in my little world we haven't been up to a whole lot.  We've spent quite a bit of time outside lately when it's been nice enough out.  Emma is finally getting all of her energy out that she had built up all winter! LOL =) 
Emma insisted on the pink gloves, not really sure why! 
Alyx wakes up like this every single morning.  She's sooooo happy!
I finally got a mirror for the back of the seat.  Now Alyx can look at her cute little self =)
 Little Miss's legs still don't reach the bottom of the exersaucer!! 
We put a pillow on the bottom still so her little legs won't dangle.  =)
We had to run over to one of Emma's friends house the other night to drop something off, so he and Emma played on his gigantic playset.  Emma LOVED it!

I cannot beleive that Emma will pick up worms!  She is scared to death of anything that flys...but I guess if it slithers around she's ok with that.  Haha 
Swinging away!  We have a ton of work to do on our playset this spring.  I really went to box it in and fill it with rubber mulch...but we'll see!!  Our Maine winters aren't so easy on outdoor swingsets =/.

Emma is loving the nice evenings lately, and being outside playing with cousins & friends!
Monday night we made Tacos for dinner.  Emma said to me while she was eating, "This is my most favorite meal, I could eat Tacos every day!"  She loves them that's for sure!! 
So there's our week in pictures...not at all in the correct order!
Miss Alyx has her 6 month well child check today.  Her 6 month post is coming very soon!!


  1. Love all the pics.! And I have been seeing a lot of people posting about being at Disney too. What's up with that?! That time of year?

    1. It must be but i'm awfully jealous of all the Disney posts i'm seeing! haha

  2. I can't wait to take the kiddos to Disney! We ave a few years to wait though so all the Disney pics from other people really bum me out too! :o(
    Glad you are finally getting spring weather there and are able to enjoy it! I thought the snow would never leave!!!