Bike Riding

I'm pretty sure that Summer may have found it's way here....Finally!!  We have had some nice days lately, and i'm sure hoping they stick around =) 

This morning Brian and I went to camp for a bit.  Just basically for a drive for a bit.  Anything to get out of the house for a while! ha!  As soon as we got out of the car, the black flies swarmed us.  So unfortunately we didn't stay long at all.  But it was still a pretty drive.

It's pretty beautiful there that's for sure!!

After Emma go out of school we decided to take her on a bike ride.  Well, she biked and Brian and I walked.  I'm thinking I may invest in a bike this summer =)  

We have a really awesome bike trail in our town.  I'm not exactly sure how many miles the entire thing is, but it's long I can tell you that much!  We walked probably just over a mile or so.  

We opted to take the trail to the University of Maine.  The trails are awesome.  Paved and they are super smooth. 

I had planned to put Alyx in just the stroller, but she had other plans of sleeping instead.  So she stayed in her carseat =)

The views on the trail were pretty awesome too!

Emma did awesome and had a blast!  I can't wait for us to go again...maybe next time i'll have a bike to ride =)  
And I actually dragged my good camera out with us to get some good pics!  But the rest of the pics are from my phone!

Emma missed the Selfie because she was too far ahead! haha

Alyx enjoyed playing in the grass in our front yard this afternoon.  She's not too sure what to think of the grass quite yet =)

After dinner Emma went out in the backyard and picked me some Rhubarb so I could make a Rhubarb cake.  It's my grandmothers recipe and it came out so good.  Not quite as good as hers though.

That's all I have for now!  Hope everyone has a great Friday tomorrow!!!


  1. I think you would love having a bike! Joe and I both got one last summer and we love getting out as a family.