I am loving working days so far!!  The getting up a little after 3:00 in the morning is kind of rough, but once I am up and about it's not so bad!  The last 11 years I worked nights, and unfortunately I missed out a lot with Emma at night.  I asked her last night what she thought of me being home at night and she said she loved it =)  It's nice being able to have dinner with them and putting the girls to bed.  But in all honesty...i've been going to bed the same time as them.  8:00!  By that time i'm pretty darn tired! haha  Alyx has her second day of daycare today.  The way our schedules work she only has to go to daycare 1 day one week and 2 days the next.  And it keeps rotating like that.  I'm sure she will be just fine there =)
Last night we did spelling homework.  Thankfully it wasn't math.  The way they are teaching second grade math is well...confusing!  I'll admit that I don't get it at all the way they teach it now.  And it's second grade! 
They make the spelling homework fun.  Word searches, word scrambles, and fun stuff like that.  It's nothing that Emma dreads doing, she actually enjoys it!
I love how Alyx sleeps with her arms up like this =)
Happy Tuesday all!!


  1. Glad it is all going well and that's awesome that Alyx only has to go to daycare a couple times a week! Math… yay, I am so not looking forward to middle school and high school years!

  2. I am DREADING math homework. I never liked that subject, and I just know I'm going to have as much trouble with it as Marcus. Oy.

  3. She's throwing her hands up in the air and going to wave them from here to there!! I'm nervous about homework and I'm A TEACHER!!!