Yesterday was a good day.  I may or may not have been spoiled just a teeny tiny bit!  But who doesn't like to be spoiled every now and then?? 
I came home from work to find this little pretty thing.
Alex & Ani bracelet.  I've been wanting one for a while, and I pretty much love it!
Side note.  Emma was mad because it's not called an Alyx & Emma bracelet.  She didn't get that, Alex & Ani is the brand name.  Haha =)
My mom has been staying with us for a couple of days because Emma is on school vacation.  So last night after supper (I made the most amazing beef stew ever btw) we went out shopping.  We stopped at LL Bean, and my mom surprised me by buying me the Bean boots I have been wanting!  Loveee them!!
They are super warm and fuzzy inside =) hehe
I don't even have any cute pictures of the kids today to share.  I've kinda fallen off the picture a day everyday for 365 days.  =(  So I think i'm going to do one photo a week.  Maybe I can keep up with that!  Haha  Being a working mom and coming home to 2 kiddos...keeps me busy and I don't always remember to pick up my camera every day.  I'll try to do better! hehe =)


  1. I love the bracelet and the shoes. Maybe you can tell Emma you will call that bracelet your Alyx and Emma bracelet! LOL

  2. You were spoiled; what a good day! Emma's so cute! YAY... join Shawna and I on the once-a-week pictures! :-)

  3. That bracelet is so cute! And, Emma is adorable with the name confusion. :)