Snow Play

I am beyond tired of winter, however...Seeing Emma play outside in the snow brings back so many childhood memories!  I remember being outside for hours upon hours and not ever feeling cold at all.  Yesterday it was pretty cold out, but Emma insisted on going outside and playing.  She was out for quite a while and never once complained of being cold.  Brian and I on the other hand...we were freezing! haha  

And of course, Alyx stayed inside and kept warm.  

My mother in law watched her so Brian and I could be outside with Miss Emma.
After playing for quite a while, Em came inside and had hot cocoa.  No better way to warm up if you ask me!

Yesterday Brian and I were out doing some shopping and decided to stop at a restaurant we had never been to for lunch.  And I think we found one of our new favorite places to eat!  Green Tea...Amazing!

We will definately be going again =)

Happy Friday!!!


  1. cute pictures, looks like you have a lot of snow

  2. Great snow pictures! Still not jealous!

  3. I remember playing in the cold and snow all the time as a child. Now? Forget it! Five minutes and I'm over it.
    You have some pretty adorable little ladies!!

  4. Love the pictures of Emma by the tree! We finally have some snow today and it was the baby's first time in some. However, it won't be here long since this week is in the 30-50s.