Pictures...HELP!! =)

I swear I am the worst fashion person on this planet!  We have family pictures coming up next month, and i'm stressing BIG time about what we should all wear.  I'm tired of the solid colored shirts for all of us.  I have Alyx's outfit all picked out.  So basically I need to work off of her outfit...and I am stressing over finding something for Emma...Me...and Brian that is going to match her outfit!  Ugghh.  lol  So here is what we are working with. 

I love this outfit so much!  I got it for a baby shower gift, and she is finally going to fit into it.  So since there is a lot going on in Alyx's outfit, is why i'm so undecided as to what the rest of us should wear.  So here is where I need your help.  LOL  What do you think for the rest of us?  I just need to hire a fashion stylist, that's all =)


  1. Here are my suggestions. I would put Emma in darker pink if you have it so she will contrast against Alyx since I'm sure you will have pictures with just the two of them. Since there is blue and green in the skirt I would incorporate those other colors into your and Brian's clothes. That way you will all contrast so you don't blend together but still look coordinated. That's what I usually try to do for ours. Good luck, can't wait to see them!

  2. Ditto, and you could pull the dark color I see on the ruffles for Brian and maybe you?!

  3. I agree with The Dworianyns comment. Put Emma in darker pink and you and brian could wear a green and blue. Picking out outfits for family pictures is hard

  4. Someone definitely need to wear a mix of the pinks--light and dark--pro an probably Emma. Then you could wear a mix of teal with pink--so maybe you could wear a teal shirt with a cute pink scarf and earrings, or a chunky pink necklace. Then Brian could wear a nice mix of a cream, green and teal shirt. Crean will brighten everything up a bit. Maybe a nice button down? You could always try incorporating something cream into Emma's outfit too--maybe a cream cardigan over a pink shirt. Maybe a cute pink skirt with some cream sweater type tights.
    The key is to add different patterns, with different textures and to layer things.
    I'm sure no matter what you pick though you will all be adorable! :o)

  5. Let us know what you decide. This outfit is ADORABLE!

  6. That outfit it SO cute!
    You may want to try pulling colors from the ruffles - the blues, greens, and darker pinks. That way you wouldn't be too matchy, matchy, yet still have a great cohesive look.
    Can't wait to see your family pictures!