365 Catch up

I have the last 3 days of my 365 photos to share!  

Day 33

(Such a forced smile on Emma! haha)

Day 34

Day 35

Both straight out of the bathtub!  Alyx LOVES her bath time now!  She used to hate it, but the more she has them, the more she likes them.  Tonight she kept slapping her hand down into the water.  It was really cute to watch =)  

Tomorrow 02/05, Alyx will be 3 months old!  I cannot believe how fast these last few months have gone by.  Be sure to check back tomorrow evening for her 3 month post!  


  1. Oh my goodness 3 months already. These pictures are so cute. It'll be so fun to see how much each of them have grown over the year

  2. Three months? How and when did that happen?!

  3. She is the sweetest 3 month old! I love her little dimple showing in the second picture!! I love Emma's too!