I forgot to post yesterdays photos...so here is day 25!

It was a struggle getting this picture last night.  It's getting harder each day.  We are only 26 days now into the new year...only 339 days left Emma.  You can do this! haha

Here is today's.  Day 26 of 365.

I love those 2!

This afternoon we had lunch at my inlaws.  My MIL made the best pot roast!  And then my father in law came down to help Brian put up the last set of lights in the kitchen.  

I love them!  They look more orangy in the picture than they actually are.  Now we need to save for our countertop and flooring, and then we will be done.  Well until it's time for a new stove and dishwasher and fridge! haha

I'm making this short because we are only 15 minutes away until The Bachelor wedding!  Time to make some popcorn and watch it =)  

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  1. Love your new kitchen update, even just little details like paint and new lighting totally make a difference!