It's Friday & Day 17 of 365

Since being on maternity leave for the last 3 months (which is quickly coming to an end..sad face) it hasn't really mattered to me that it's Friday, or that the weekend is coming. i'm happy it's Friday.  Brian and I are leaving tomorrow and going away for a night!!  Alyx is going to be staying with my mother in law and Emma is going to be staying here at our house with my mom. We are heading to Portland, which is the southern part of the state and about 3 hours from home.  Emma is excited to have some alone time with my mom.  Which I think is good for her.  She definitely has times when she is jealous of Alyx, and this will give my mom time to focus on just Emma and spoil her for a day =)  And my mother in law is super excited to have Alyx overnight!

Alyx was a super sleepy head again today.  It's gotta be a growth spurt, but she has been such a happy happy baby!!

She is reminding me more and more of Emma every day. Especially when she smiles!  

And here is our Day 17 photo!

They both wore comfy sweat suits today!  Emma had gym today and she loves wearing sweatpants on gym days at school.  And it was only fair that Alyx be just as comfy!  But why oh why do they make hoods so gigantic on sweatshirts for babies??  I could hardly get her into her carseat because the hood is so large on this hoodie! haha =)  

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!


  1. Yes! Why are the hoodies so big!? I wonder the same thing!
    Have a great night away! I'm jealous! :oP

  2. I wouldn't put the hoodies on Emma when she was little it was so awkward! Alyx's smiling picture is soooo sweet. I love them so! Have a great time. When you first said Portland, I thought of the west coast! That would be a big trip for a weekend! HAA!

  3. How fun that the girls got one-on-one time with their grandmas!