Day 23

The last 2 days have been crazy!  But here is day 23.

It was taken just minutes before bedtime, and in all honesty I had forgot all about taking last nights picture.  If it weren't for Emma (trying to procrastinate going to bed, because every other night she sighs when it's time to take the picture) I would have completely forgotten!

Brian and I tend to say things like, "Hey let's paint the kitchen today" and head to Home Depot, buy paint, and come home and paint.  Not too often do we say, "well do you think we should?  maybe next week".  If something pops into our head in terms of stuff like that, we usually do it right then.  So yes, we painted our kitchen Wednesday & Thursday.  And then Thursday morning we decided, "Hey, let's change out the ugly florescent ceiling lights out of the kitchen".  So what did we do?  Went to Home Depot and bought new ceiling lighting.  I'm not sharing pictures quite yet, because nothing can ever be easy when we get into electrical work in this house.  Brian and his dad started the work yesterday and will *hopefully* finish it this afternoon!  I'm very anxious to have normal ceiling lights instead of the horrible horrible florescent lighting we had in there.  And I have to say, I love the newly painted kitchen!  =)


  1. I wish we were more like you and Brian! Often we will sit on an idea for what seems like an eternity! Can't wait to see the updates you've done.

  2. Where's the photo of the not key lime or yellow kitchen!