Day 10 of 365 * And some Randoms

It's Day 10 of 365, so here is your daily photo of Miss Emma & Miss Alyx =)

Don't they look just so happy and content?  While taking the picture at 7:00 am this morning it went kinda like this
Me: Okay Emma, Smile!
Emma: I don't want to smile
Me: Just one quick smile and then we will be done
Emma: I'm tired!  I don't want to smile!
Me: Emma just smile real quick, the quicker you smile the quicker we will be done
Emma: No, I don't want to take a picture I want to watch cartoons before school
Me: You can have a couple of M&M's before school if you smile
Emma: Ok!

And then she smiled! LOL  A little bribery with kids never hurts them =) hehe  

It's still super duper cold here.  Maybe one of these days it will warm up.  

It's been so cold that at school the kids haven't been able to go outside and play. 

We have a major sleepy head on our hands this morning

I think she is still recovering from her shots yesterday =(  

And here is my sales pitch to all you moms out there with a newborn.  If you don't have a Rock N' Play...I highly highly recommend one!  Alyx LOVES hers.  We got ours at Target I think for around $49.00 on sale.

It's been great.  It's the only thing Alyx will sleep in right now, and it folds up pretty much flat so you can take it places with you.  We brought it to my parents house last weekend with us and it didn't take up hardly in room in the car.  

So if you have a newborn, or are expecting, Get one! hehe =)

I suppose the laundry is waiting for me to wash them, dry them, fold them, and put them away.  Happy Friday all! =)


  1. I have that same conversation with my kids when it come to pictures! "Just one smile then you're done. Please? Just one and you can go play!" :oP

  2. I love the baby sling thing. I'm so jealous! Our living room was Emma's room for the first few months because of the cold and our house is so drafty and it was rather annoying having a huge pack n' play in there!
    Your convo with Emma is just like mine EVERY time I try to take a picture!!

  3. Your conversation and bribery with Emma had me laughing out loud! So funny!