Baptism Day

Today we had Alyx baptized!  And it was also my moms birthday.  We had an amazing day today celebrating with our family and friends.  

Alyx was AMAZING through the entire baptism =)  Not a peep was heard out of her! 

This is us (obviously, lol) with Alyx's god-parents.  Her god-father is Brian's brother Nick, and her God-Mother is a family friend, Tia.  I have known Tia her entire life, and remember when she was born 18 years ago.  She has always been a special person to me, and I can't imagine choosing anyone else to be Alyx's God-Mother.  The christening gown that Alyx wore was Tia's christening gown.  I was so excited with Tia's mom said she still had it and offered it to us for Alyx.  It was perfect!  And it was knit so it kept her nice and toasty warm.  And it is beautiful =)

We chose to have Alyx baptized in my hometown church where I grew up going.  Emma was also baptized there.  It was nice to have all our family and friends there, and they mostly all had to travel over an hour to get there.  It was definitely a special day!

I haven't done too well in my 365 days of photos...I kinda missed a day...or maybe two.  Oops!  So here you go...Day 5!

Hope you all had a great weekend.  I'm not ready for it to end...I love having Emma and Brian home all day!! =)


  1. What a beautiful day! I love the picture of your priest holding Alyx, looking down on her. And how special that Alyx wore her Godmother's gown! So neat!

  2. Looks like you had a great day. I love Alyx's gown, so pretty.