Pictures---Emma & Alyx

Thank you all for your messages about my last post.  I'm starting to feel somewhat better, and I have a doctors appointment tomorrow afternoon.  Hopefully everything goes well and i'm no longer in pain soon!  I'm finding out that I would have been no good on bedrest while pregnant...because the last week stuck in the house not being able to do anything has been horrible.  But today I have felt that i'm walking better and in less pain, which is good!  Keep your fingers crossed for me that it gets much better =)

Anyway...Our photographer we had come to our house last week got our pictures done, and all I can say is i'm in LOVE with!  Here is a peek at them =)

I LOVE this one of them!  Alyx has a smile on her face =)

These last 2 are my absolute favorite ones...

I knew Brian would love these and he does =)  I'm sooo happy with the way these photos turned out!  We should have had a few family pictures taken...but I wasn't quite in the mood that day to have my picture taken! haha  Oh well, we'll have them done again sometime soon! =)  


  1. These are all SO good! My hubby used to be a police officer, so those last two are obviously favorites. :)

  2. These turned out fantastic; what great keepsakes!

  3. These are so beautiful!!! Love them all! You have two precious girls!