Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are stuffed full of turkey!  We had a really great day yesterday.  It was the first time in about 3 years that we were able to have Thanksgiving at my in laws hunting camp.  There is just something about having at camp that makes it better.  Maybe because it's in the middle of the woods...in the middle of nowhere and everything gets cooked on an old fashioned stove.  Turkeys were cooked outside in a deep fryer and a ham was cooked in a trashcan outside.  Everything was so good, and it was great being with family.  It would have been just a little better if my parents were able to have been there with us.

The Sirois Men. haha  Left to Right, Brian, his brother Kevin, his dad Gary, and his brother Nick.

Alyx the Pilgrim! hehe =)

Emma and Brian went out for a ride on the side by side.  I would have loved to have gone, but right now I don't do too well with bumpy roads!

Getting the turkey ready!

Our little family of 4 =)  I can't believe that Alyx is 3 1/2 weeks old and this is our first picture as a family of 4! =)

So how many of you went out black Friday shopping?  The only place Brian and I went was Target this morning.  And to my surprise it wasn't busy at all!  We got a few things, but not a ton.  I still have so much Christmas shopping to do!!

Cause I know you all just wanna know, i'm feeling somewhat better.  Taking it day by day.  I had appointments with my doctor all week long except yesterday.  I went again this morning, and he did say it's looking a little better, but it's not healing as fast as it should or as fast as he would like it to.  I'm on another antibiotic because he is afraid it could be infected =/.  I can't even begin to tell you how amazing my doctor is.  He has been super through all this, and is even seeing me in his office over the weekend so he can continue to drain my stomach area.  Not many doctors will see you in their office on weekends when they aren't even working.  

I think today we are going to hang out at the house for the rest of the day, maybe have some hot cocoa and watch Christmas movies!!