Dr's Appointments after Dr's Appointments!

I thought for sure after I had Alyx these trips to the doctors office would stop!  Apparently not with me.  So I had another appointment this morning for my c-section issue.  I'm still draining =(.  I'm on yet another antibiotic and hopefully this one will do the trick and things will get better.  My doctor is amazing though, and he's on top of things.  He knows i'm in pain so he said this morning he wants to see me at his office every morning this week (except Thanksgiving day).  I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying that by the end of the week i'm back to my normal self! =)

Anyway...my brother in law has been awesome and watches Alyx while we go to these appointments so we don't have to drag her along with us.  Plus it gives him time to snuggle with his niece =)  After we got home this morning I took some pictures of Alyx during her tummy time.  She LOVES to be on her tummy!  When we are sitting with her, she would much rather be on your chest cuddled up on her belly than laying on her back.  She's so darn cute =)

Gunner has been *very* interested in her.  I was kind of nervous at first when we brought her home because he really wanted to just get right in her face.  I think he thought she was a doll at first, and then she made a noise and moved and it kind of startled the dog.  But the last couple of weeks he has "bonded" with her and loves to lay with her.  He sits by her bassinet when she whines or cries, and then he whines himself.  They are certainly becoming best buds =)

So tonight is my first official night at home alone with both kiddos.  Brian is working all night tonight, so it should be interesting to see how it goes!  I'm not quite sure how you moms with more than 2 kiddos do it.  I give you lots of credit that's for sure!!!  =)


  1. I am so sorry you haven't gotten much better! I hope you are on the road to recovery!!!

  2. Alyx is so tiny and cute! Chest snuggled are the best.
    I hope your new meds help!!

  3. Ugh! Sorry to hear it is still draining! :-( I really hope this gets better soon!

    I just noticed you will have to change your blog header soon! :-) YAY!

    Hoping tonight goes smoothly for you; you will do great!

  4. Hope tonight went smoothly for you and that you are back to your old self by the end of the week!! :) and Alyx is so cute!