Weekend Getaway! Part 1

This past weekend Brian and I along with Emma of course took a weekend vacation with my parents!  It was so nice to get away for a bit and relax and have fun.  We drove to New Hampshire which is about a 4ish hour drive from where we live.  We left on Saturday morning from our house and took off on our journey!  There are sooo many awesome outlet stores and such in New Hampshire, and the best part about it is that New Hampshire does not have any sales tax!! WAHOO!!  I was super dissapointed in the stores though.  Emma desperately needed new shorts, and after walking into the stores and finding all of their summer stuff gone and snow-suits and winter boots on out the shelves was super frustrating!  The 4th of July was just last week....how could they possibly be putting out winter stuff already!?!?!  I honestly don't get it...but there were people buying the stuff!  We drove to our hotel that evening...i'm not even sure how to put this but it was the worst hotel I had ever seen.  Dirty and yucky is the only way to describe it.  Needless to say we only stayed one night there and the following day we found a new hotel that was much much better!  Saturday we went to a theme park called Story Land.  I went there as a kid too.  Emma had such an amazing time!  She is such a dare devil when it comes to rides!  She rode just about every ride they have there!  I was super proud of her....much braver than her mommy is! =)

Here are a couple of photos from when I went to Story Land that my mom came across....and from our trip last weekend =)

The first photo is of me from 1986 at Story Land sitting in the same spot as Emma!  The cool thing is in the photo I was 4 years old just like Emma =)

We both rode in the same shoe ride as well =)

And here is Emma riding the same rollar coaster as I rode with my dad again at Story Land in 1986.  I think it's so cool that this park has the same rides still and Emma was able to enjoy them as much as I did! =) 

Seeing how tall she is so we could figure out what rides she could go on!

Brian and I having fun! =)

Miss Emma and Daddy love the tea-cups...mommy not so much!  Can't handle all that spinning..and spinning...and spinning some more!! haha

Driving Nana & BeeBee around on the crazy farm tractors!  She looovesss these!

BeeBee teaching Emma how they used to milk cows back on the "Farm"

It was a perfect day for a slushy on such a hot day! Yummmy! =)

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall...Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.....well you get the picture =)

Em with the "Old Woman in the shoe"

Leaving Story Land with memories we will cherish forever!!  Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2 of our weekend getaway!!! =)

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