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Happy Monday Friends!!  I hope you all had a great weekend, and I also hope you will join us by linking up your post below =)  We have a new graphic for the holiday season, so be sure to grab it!  

We had a good and low key weekend.  I took Friday off from work and spent the day getting Alyx's room finished.  We decided to get bunk beds for her room, because well...Emma loves sleeping in the same room as Alyx and it was just easier to have it set up like this.  And Alyx was SO excited about them!

My mom and I spent the day shopping for bedding.  Let me tell you, it was HARD picking bedding that both girls would like.  Something that wasn't too "little girl" but something that was too "grown up" either.  I think we found something that both girls love.  I still have to find a few things to hang on the walls, but I think it looks cute so far.

It took Mookie no time to find a comfy spot with Alyx =)

Saturday morning I went with my mother in law and the girls shopping.  We went to a store about an hour from us that had some beautiful Christmas decorations.  And what did that get me wanting to do? Decorate for Christmas!  So as soon as I got home, I went down in the basement and got all my Christmas decorations out.  Yup!  It's all done, except for the tree.  Some may think it's way too early, but it's a lot of work getting it all done, why not enjoy it a little longer.  The rest of the evening I spent watching Hallmark Christmas movies =)

Sunday morning was spent watching tv, getting some laundry done and then Emma and I headed to pick up Alyx's Birthday cake for today.  I cannot believe she is FIVE today.  I'll have a post on that later in the week =)
We also stopped at Starbucks for our first Holiday drink =)

Emma had the peppermint Hot cocoa, and I had the peppermint mocha latte.  So good =)

We headed back home and I made cupcakes for Alyx to bring to school today.  

And guess how I spent Sunday night?  Watching Hallmark Christmas movies =)

I hope you all have a great Monday!!

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