Hello Monday

Happy Monday Friends!!  How in the world is the weekend over already and Monday is here.  This weekend went by incredibly fast.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  I'm recapping ours, so be sure to grab our graphic and link up with us.

Friday evening Emma had her first softball practice!  Finally!!  She has been so excited to get back out on the field.

The team had a really great practice.  Meanwhile...
Alyx and I about froze!

It was 45 degrees but it felt about 25.  It was SO cold!!

Saturday morning Emma wanted to go watch the UMaine Womens Softball game.  We went, but again it was absolutely freezing!

We didn't stay for the entire game, but we will go to another one once it warms up a bit!!

Saturday afternoon we did a few crafts to get ready for our trip to Disney.  We still have a long time before we go, but we love counting down.  

The girls also made the jars to save up change for the trip.  

That evening we watched the Red Sox game and I cooked a meal for Brian to bring to work.

I made this sweet n' sour chicken and oh my goodness, it was SO good!!!

Sunday morning was an adventure.  I was in the kitchen getting ready to make a coffee and when I opened the cupboard a bag of rice fell, opened up and went all over the kitchen.  As I was sweeping it all up, Alyx came in and asked me where Mookie was.  Then I got thinking I hadn't seen her in a while.  Normally she is right at my feet when i'm in the kitchen.  I went into the living room and noticed she went right through the screen door in our living room.  I went outside and yelled like a complete crazy woman but I couldn't find her anywhere.  I went and woke Brian up and he went out looking for her.  Thankfully he found her and she came right home.  Boy oh boy that dog is something else!  

We finally had a beautiful day so the girls and I took Mookie for a nice long walk.

Emma took a selfie with my phone 
while we were walking =)

It was such a gorgeous Spring Maine day.
My parents have been in Florida for the last 3 weeks and they just got home yesterday so they stopped to see us.  The girls were of course ecstatic with their gifts they brought =)

We ended the evening by watching the Red Sox again, and watching some HGTV.
I hope you all had a great weekend as well! 
See you back here tomorrow =)

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