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Happy Monday Friends! =)  I hope you will join myself and Heather and link up your weekend post below =)  

We had such a great weekend!  And I actually took a bunch of photos this weekend which is a huge plus! ha!  

Friday Emma had "Step Up Day".  Basically it's when the entire 5th grade class goes to the Middle School.  They meet all the teachers, and they are given their home room teacher and basically just learn what Middle School is going to be like.  

How in the world is Emma almost in Middle School?!?!
How did this happen??  I'm definately cherishing the last two weeks of Elementary school!

Friday evening we stayed in and made homemade Steak and Cheese subs.  They were delish!  And then we watched the Red Sox game of course.

And it was a Win! Friday night Brian had to work the midnight shift.

Saturday my mom came down for a few hours.  We did some shopping and had lunch.

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch.  The waitress forgot to put Brian and Alyx's order in and they literally waited 45 minutes after we got our food before theirs even got to the table.  Our waitress was very apologetic and actually took their meals off our bill.  It stinks when stuff like that happens, but they came good for it which was really nice!

After there my mom and I headed over to Hobby Lobby.  I have to tell you.  I was super confused.  It's May and this is what was up in their store.

I don't get why they have their Fall and Christmas stuff up!  People, I love both times of the year but it's TOO Early!!!

Saturday evening we didn't do a whole lot.  I made a yummy cake, which I will share the recipe soon!

Sunday morning was so nice!

We sat outside and enjoyed our coffee.  The birds were out and the sun was shinning!  Gorgeous morning!

We went to the mall because Emma desperately needed some new shorts.  And because Emma got a ton of new clothes, Emma thought we should bring Alyx to Build-a-Bear.

Of course Alyx chose Princess Poppy!

We came home and did a bit of yard work.  We have been doing a lot of work on our flower beds and I am finally really happy with them.

Emma loves driving this thing!

Brian went to a local hardware store and bought me a new swing for our back patio.  So after we were done Emma did some selfies with us =)

We celebrated Brians dads birthday Sunday evening with a yummy dinner and cake. 
After we headed to the park for some playtime with friends.

After we played in the park Emma played some Softball with the guys/girls from the police and fire department.

They were getting ready for the Memorial Day BBQ and it smelled so good!!  I took the girls home and Brian stayed and hung out with them.  

Unfortunately in my line of work, I don't get today off from work.  So I hope all of you are having a great Memorial Day and eating lots of yummy BBQ!

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Before I finish I wanted to remind you of our Summer Mom Swap! Tomorrow is the last day to sign up.  Check out this post HERE for all the details!

Have a great Monday!!

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